Annual YARE Meeting

To promote the personal interaction, we organize the Annual YARE Meeting, exclusively for young researchers. They are given the possibility to present their work and get feedback on this meeting. It also is a great networking opportunity.

We would like to emphasize, that we welcome all kinds of contributions such as published data, case reports as well as preliminary data and plans. The participation fee for the Annual YARE Meeting is kept low to allow the participation for all kind of students, the accommodation is included in the registration fees.

24. Annual Meeting 2023

08.09.2023–10.09.2023 · Würzburg, Germany

YARE 2023 /10th ESE Young Endocrinologists & Scientists (EYES) Meeting 2023

23. Annual Meeting 2022

Best Speaker Award

Shamini Ramkuma Thirumalasetty

Awarding by Viktoria Köhler and Anne-Marie Neumann to Shamini Ramkuma Thirumalasetty

Shamini Ramkuma Thirumalasetty (Dresden) was granted the Best Speaker Award for her presentation entitled "Characterization of CYP21A2 mouse model for Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia(CAH)".