Annual YARE Meeting

To promote the personal interaction, we organize the Annual YARE Meeting, exclusively for young researchers. They are given the possibility to present their work and get feedback on this meeting. It also is a great networking opportunity. We would like to emphasize, that we welcome all kinds of contributions such as published data, case reports as well as preliminary data and plans. The participation fee for the Annual YARE Meeting is kept low to allow the participation for all kind of students, the accommodation is included in the registration fees.

20. Annual Meeting 2018

Following our past very successful meeting for young endocrine scientists in Berlin, we would like to see you again in "Herrsching am Ammersee" near Munich for our next Annual Meeting from October 5th to October 7th. The conference will cover all fields of endocrinology, basic and clinical projects. We invite you to submit your abstract and take part in our conference.

Abstract deadline extended until 02.09.2018!

Preliminary Program (PDF)

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19. Annual Meeting 2017

The YARE Board would like to congratulate the winner of the Best Speaker Award!

Lisbeth Harder - Best Speaker Award

Lisbeth Harder from the University of Lübeck was granted the Best Speaker Award for her presentation entitled "Developmental Control of Parvalbuminergic Neurons in the Anterior Hypothalamic Area by Thyroid Hormones in Mice".

18. Annual Meeting 2016

The YARE Board would like to congratulate the winners of the Best Poster Award and the Best Speaker Award!

Ina Tröndle - Best Poster Award

Ina Tröndle from University of Münster presented her Poster on “Irradiation affects germ and somatic cells in testicular xenografts obtained from immature macaques”.

Daniela C. Hernández - Best Speaker Award

Daniela C. Hernández from Charité Berlin was granted the Best Speaker Award for her presentation on “The Role of Autoantibodies Against Appatite-regulating Hormones in Obesity”.

+ Past Annual Meetings
Jahr Ort Best Speaker Award Best Poster Award
1999 Würzburg    
2000 Düsseldorf    
2001 Marburg    
2002 Freiburg    
2003 Dresden    
2004 Münster    
2005 Berlin    
2006 Würzburg    
2007 Lübeck    
2008 Köln    
2009 München Constanze Hantel  
2010 Neuss Susi Dudazy  
2011 Stockholm Julia Müller / Steffen Mayerl  
2012 Dresden Henriette Undeutsch  
2013 Rotterdam Elena Tsourdi  
2014 Hamburg Guido di Dalmazi  
2015 Berlin Emmi Rotgers Isa Kolbe
2016 Würzburg Daniela C. Hernandéz Ina Tröndle
2017 Berlin Lisbeth Harder